Learn How PRP Works For Hair Restoration

While it is natural to shed hairs every day, some people do so excessively and lose more hairs than they should, or hair loss prevents their hair from growing in properly. While these conditions may be caused by many different factors, such as stress, illness, some medical treatments, or a genetic predisposition, there are a […]

Is It Time To Talk About Your Hair?

Hair loss or alopecia can affect a part of the head or the entire body. The severity of this condition varies in men and women. Typically, the scalp loses 50 to 200 hairs a day. While the hair goes through a continuous cycle of growth, shedding and regrowth, there are certain factors that can stop […]

Is Stress Causing You To Lose Your Hair?

There are many causes linked to hair loss in men and women, some of which are reversible and can be repaired, allowing the return of healthier hair growth and sustainability. One reversible cause of hair loss, in particular, is stress. This condition is also known as Telogen Effluvium. With this condition, you may start to […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Exosomes For Hair Loss

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Exosomes For Hair Loss As promising as exosomes looked for hair regrowth, the FDA has not approved this therapy for hair loss and issued physicians a warning advisory to not promote or advertise the therapies.. In part, there is still a lot to learn about stem-cell therapy and quality […]