Using Botox For Hair Regrowth

Sounds crazy — right? But using Botox for hair growth may be just what you need.

Let’s objectively think about what we are trying to accomplish improved blood flow to growing hair follicles.  Essential nutrients and vitamins are circulated to the scalp to maintain proper hair growth cycles.  

Hair loss is associated with increased tension in the scalp muscles, which can inhibit a nourishing blood supply from reaching our hair follicles. Botox can be utilized to release that muscle tension and re-establish proper nutrient flow to our growing hair.  

Generally, Botox treatments for hair growth would be performed three times a year to reduce scalp tension.

Who Can Botox Help For Hair Loss?

  • Patients with early hair loss looking for increased hair quality and density
  • Pre or Post Hair Transplant
  • In combination with PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss) or Vitamin supplementation
  • In combination with Minoxidil or other medications for hair loss
  • Patients with complete balding are unlikely to benefit with Botox therapy for hair loss

Scalp Tension Theory of Hair Loss

Dr. Steven Davis believes there is a direct correlation between scalp tension and hair loss. Let’s explain:

The Galea muscles, on the front and back of the head, connect to the top layer of skin by a rigid subcutaneous layer that extends across the top of the scalp.  They are responsible for the expressions you see on the face with different emotions. 

With hair loss, scalp tension increases through the Galea muscles, and is thought to impair circulation to the scalp and hair follicles.  Essential nutrients and vitamin flow to the hair follicles is diminished leading to weakened hair follicles and hair thinning/loss.

Hair Treatment via Botox helps release the muscles causing scalp tension, restoring healthy circulation and natural hair growth. Furthermore, In 2010 a Canadian researcher with tension-related headaches injected his scalp and noticed hair regrowth and improved hair quality. 

There are no large confirmatory studies at this time for botox in hair loss and results will vary. Decisions about utilizing botox for hair loss therapy should be done in consultation with a hair restoration expert.

If you are interested in hair restoration and regaining a healthy, more youthful appearance — don’t hesitate to get in touch with Davis Hair Restoration and schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis.

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