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There are now a host of exciting hair loss treatments that are not only permanent, but natural appearing.  In the most common procedure, FUE hair transplant is used to transplant healthy hair from the sides or back of your hair to balding regions. 

In comparison to options like laser light therapy, hair loss shampoos, and PRP for hair loss, the cost of hair transplantation can seem relatively high.  And that’s true!  However, it’s important to understand some of the factors that explain the cost of hair transplant. 

1. Graft Quantity

This is by far the most important determinant of a hair transplant procedure and refers to the number of hair follicles that will be transplanted.   With the nature of hair transplant procedures, the cost per graft actually decreases with an increased number of grafted follicles.  However, these larger procedures are time-consuming and require an extra level of patience and skill to deliver desired results.

2. Multiple Procedures

To address large or multiple areas of hair thinning and baldness, more than one hair transplant procedure may be recommended.  Each procedure builds on the previous transplant and should be discussed during the initial consultation.

3. Expertise of Hair Transplant Surgeon

Reliable, high-quality hair transplant surgeons are in demand and do have a premium.  Plastic surgeons and fellowship trained hair restoration specialists are uniquely qualified to provide hair loss treatments.  It’s typical to see a higher cost with experienced surgeons with a proven track record of success.  Check and see whether or not your hair transplant specialist has board-certification with surgical procedures.  Do they possess any subspecialty training?  These additional years of supervised education are an indication of the doctors training experience and commitment to the highest standards.

4. Geographic Location

Higher prices can be expected in NYC, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco.   These large cities have many affluent clients that pay the hefty premiums, however that does not imply that the best hair restoration results can only be obtained in the city.  In fact, higher prices are often just a reflection of overhead rather than the skill and experience of a hair transplant specialist.  Nonetheless, it’s important to research carefully before deciding on where to have hair transplantation.

5. Procedural Complexity

There is an art to hair transplantation that requires deep understanding of the client’s facial features, hair texture, hair quality, and orientation of existing hair.  The amount of time your hair transplant surgeon spends to understand this complexity will be directly correlated to producing natural results.  Additional considerations include any previous scarring from trauma or prior hair loss procedures that require careful planning.

6. Equipment

Davis Hair Restoration uses the latest, advanced equipment for hair transplantation. NeoGraft FUE hair transplantation is one of the latest advancements that is minimally-invasive, efficient and safe.  It minimizes the risks of damaging hair follicles during the grafting and insertion portions of the procedure.  The key to a successful hair transplantation is putting the right tools in the right hands.

Final thoughts:

The cost of FUE hair transplant can appear overwhelming at first glance.  However in consideration of all the factors that lead to success, the ideal candidate should not assume all hair restoration centers are equal.  Davis Hair Restoration has a commitment to its clients to provide the highest level of experience and equipment to achieve the results you can be happy about.

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